We are very excited to announce several special street art/mural actions on both weekends of the festival. With an inevitable new twist and approach to the discipline, Dis-patch will be presenting two projects which are both in the realms of the digital painting, applied in a site-specific situation.


Throughout 2010, we have started using the tagtool technology for the KidsPatch workshops which toured with the festival showcases. The OMA Studio from Vienna, creators of the tagtool hardware and software devices built on an open source technology, have also visited 3rd KidsPatch Festival of New Children's Creativity in Belgrade in September, and presented a workshop for 5 - 12 year olds. The tagtool enables two users to draw and animate the drawings in real time, making it perfect for drawing, story telling, recording live cartoons or stop animation and, ultimately, VJ-ing.






Tagtool Ghettoblaster Jamm

October 9th / location in the center of Belgrade / 8 – 10 PM
October 17th / ITS-Z1, Ritopek / after dark...


This was the right moment to make the final preparations for the live drawing sessions planned for Dis-patch, which will take place on an open door location in the center of Belgrade on the first weekend, and the outside walls of the International Test Site location in Ritopek, close to Belgrade. Both sessions will feature live drawing and animation meetings of local illustrators, graffiti and tattoo artists, featuring Fat Kid Beny, Super Timor, E Plus Plus, Salcia Balsamico, Biskoteka, Fuck New Rave, D Bend...


The appropriate musical support will be provided by none other than Felony Flats, by now a usual suspect at many of Dis-patch events, with a keen eye on the most twisted and exploratory beats in the universe. The right way to take a part of Dis-patch to the streets!


Watch some of the Wassergasse tagtool events at www.vimeo.com/6418375


For the location of ITS - Z1 visit the venues page. To find out about the location of the first TAGTOOL JAMM, please follow us on Twitter and watch out for the info.




Yukon & Fnord & Marv (AT) on the Tagtool

October 9th / Gun Club / 10PM / DIS-PATCH <> ELEVATE


Whether in a public space or on stage, the light installations of the Graz-born Tagtool activists, Yukon, Marv, and Fnord, engage in an interaction with their environment. After premieres at Elevate Festival 08 and 09, the disko4040 parties and the Four Elements Festival, the group is set to visually accentuate the joint night of Elevate Festival in Belgrade. They are all part of the Bande graffiti collecitve from Austria, one of the highest-rated European crews. Pay attention, the pixels are their passion!


Sweatshoppe (USA) 7.14 Digital Paint Rollin'

October 8th / locations in the center of Belgrade / from 7.14PM


Straight out of New York City arrive Sweatshoppe, a duo unlike many. Bruno Levy and Blake Shaw have been developing inventive video / interactive / 3D concepts in the context of live audio-visual performance, as well as producing music and special events for several years now. Beside their famous shows incorporating 3D visuals (which you will be able to see the following evening on Oct 9th at Gun Club), their public space actions with digital painting have caused quite a steer in the blogosphere.


They have already visited many festivals, and conducted workshops. Dis-patch has encountered them during a collaboration on a workshop for kids as par of the KidsPatch program at Biennial of the Americas in Denver in July 2010. The time has come to return the favor, and Sweatshoppe will be using parts of the central Belgrade areas as their canvas for a rush of visual stimulations.




Watch Digital Paint Rolling video at www.vimeo.com/7012935. And keep following the Twitter account for keeping track of their movements during the action!

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