On tour

Dis-Patch in 2010


This year, more than anytime before, Dis-patch has been extensively on the road, presenting its showcases and collaborating with like-minded events. In the past years we have been presenting many showcases and guest programs around Serbia and Europe. The programs have so far also visited events such as TodaysArt, Clubtransmediale or de:sonanz festival, as well as many club spaces in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Skopje, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sofia, Zrenjanin, Kruševac, Pančevo, Novi Sad...


The showcases are always presenting a wide range of Dis-patch sonic palette, with a stress on local talent from the ambient rock of Wo0 and improv courtesy of Lukatoyboy, over mixed beats of Felony Flats or DJ Moodswinger, to the energetic live act of Piece of Shh..., the eye-dropping visuals of Incredible Bob or the contemporary classical Piano Duo LP. The programs are not limited to (club) shows, but also feature workshops dedicated to Ableton Live, A/V Feedback and other disciplines, as well as the guest appearances of the KidsPatch workshop program. We are presenting touring exhibitions and presentations of our projects, and each event features collaborations with local authors. We have also toured together with international artists such as Add Noise / Hauntologists (USA/DE), Mapstation (DE), D Numbers (USA), Smirk (USA) and others...


Please get in touch if you are interested to host your own Dis-patch Showcase, programmed according to the venue's needs and possibilities!


On Tour


A big part of this year was dedicated to the exploration of the US independent music cultures through the collaborative project of the ViceVerse Tour, which took artists form Serbia, Colorado and New Mexico throughout the United States, in a unique collaborative artistic roadtrip. This collaboration emerged from the ICAS netowrking activities of the past years, via a very special connection of our event with the Communikey organization from Boulder, Colorado. The second phase of the project will take place in spring / summer 2011 all over the European continent, visiting both ends of the scale - from prominent festivals to DIY community venues and clubs. To find out more about the ViceVerse Tour please visit the following links!




On Tour


Dates planned around this year's festival edition


September 25th 2010
Secret location, Sofia, Bulgaria
Dis-patch showcase with:
Wo0, Incredible Bob, DJ Moodswinger + Dis-patch/VV presentation


October 21st – 25th 2010
Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria
Dis-patch residency with:
Wo0, Incredible Bob, Piece of Shh.., Felony Flats, DJ Moodswinger, KidsPatch, Mind the Gap + ViceVerse exhibitions, Ableton Live workshops, A/V Feedback workshop, ViceVerse presentation, Soundscapes A/V, Fuck New Rave, Fat Kid Benny, Salcia Balsamico...


October 27th – 30th 2010
The Knot, Bucharest, Romania
Dis-patch residency with:
Wo0, Incredible Bob, Piece of Shh.., Felony Flats, DJ Moodswinger, KidsPatch, Mind the Gap + ViceVerse exhibitions, A/V Feedback workshop, ViceVerse presentation, Soundscapes A/V, Lukatoyboy...


November 13th 2010
Venue tbc, Sofia, Bulgaria
Dis-patch YARDSTYLE showcase - lineup TBA!

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